Walk-in Coolers and Freezers


Storage walk-ins are the “workhorse” for every business. Walk- in coolers are large storage coolers used to store products at refrigerated temperatures. Walk-in coolers are used in numerous applications including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, floral markets, breweries and food warehouses. gAcess Walk-in coolers are available in standard sizes as well as custom designs to meet your needs. Panel Length, Depth and Height can easily be modified to meet job site needs.


Coolers are available with or without an insulated floor.


Quality 4? thick insulated panels exceed EISA energy standards and come standard with premium silver metal finish inside and out. All wall panels quickly join together with quick activated camlocks. Detailed quote, specifications, and renderings provided for each job.


  • Freight is included on all walk-in quotes.
  • Short lead times allow for scheduling for projects.


gAcess Walk-in freezers are available in standard sizes as well as custom designs to meet your needs.


gAcess Walk-in freezers consist of panels made with inner and outer metal skins, a 4” insulation core, and equipped with cam-action locking devices.


Insulation quality of walk-ins is often measured by R-value; the resistance to heat flow through an object. Since EISA was implemented January 1, 2009, all walk-in manufactures are required to have an R-value of at least R-32 for freezers. All gAcess brand walk-in freezers & coolers meet or exceed EISA energy efficiency requirements.


gAcess manufacture walk-in combinations that include both the cooler and freezer in one unit. Our combination units are usually custom sized to our customer’s specific requirements. Freezer access doors can be external or located inside the cooler section.


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