How do you compare in prices with respect to other manufacturers?

We are globally competitive and are best in quality. You will not find a better buy than UR for the price and quality.


Do you manufacture custom sizes?

Yes. UR has an automated custom manufacturing plant and resources to provide our customers custom products with the high level of quality that you find in our standard products. Call us @ 1-844-392-2377


What is the R-Value of your Walk-in?

R-value is the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value the better the insulation is in a walk-in cooler or freezer. K-factor is the ability of heat to flow. The lower K-factor, the better for walk-in coolers or freezers.
R-value of any insulation varies according to age of the insulation, wetness of the insulation, type of insulation, mean temperature of the insulation and condition of the insulation.
Most companies publish the R-values of their walk-in coolers and freezers. These R-values are usually taken at the time the insulation is produced rather than what the R-value is after the unit has been in the field for one year. In the roofing industry manufactures publish a 90-120-day aged R-value at a 75° mean temperature. Even these R-values do not take into consideration the moisture content of the insulation, which can lower R-value by as much as 75%. It also does not take into account that your walk-in will operate at a much lower mean temperature.

When buying a walk-in cooler or freezer ask what the aged R-value of the insulation will be at your mean operating temperature, 5 years after manufactured and how resistant to moisture the insulation is. You will be surprised how these numbers vary from their published R-values.
R-values of UR polyurethane insulations are above 32.


What is your recommendation for Handling Panels?

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What is your recommendation for Storage of Panels?

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What are your Standard Flashings?

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What are your Panel Fixing Techniques?

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How do I contact UR service department?

20883 Seneca Trail, North Frankford, WV 24938
Warranty Parts & Service:
Phone: 844-392-2377
Email: sjiyer.nc@gmail.com


What is UR standard warranty for walk-ins with refrigeration systems?

One-year limited parts and labor, one-year compressor (optional extended four-year warranty available), Additionally, UR polyurethane panels are guaranteed to be free from insulation failure for 15 years from original installation by an authorized representative, under conditions of normal use and recommended maintenance.


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What is UR labor warranty guidelines?

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How do I process a claim for parts under warranty?

Submit the following items:
  • An invoice with the invoice number and date as well as the date the service was performed. The invoice must list the costs of parts and service provided with details of each part purchased and each service provided. Also include a contact name and address and the location of the serviced unit.
  • The UR equipment serial number. This number MUST be on the invoice before we can process it. If UR is to pay a company other than the service company, please indicate this on the invoice.
  • A detailed work ticket describing all service provided.
  • Any wholesale invoices for purchased parts that UR is to reimburse you for.


Where Can I find a Damage and Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request?

UR’s RMA form can be found here…