Cold Storage Warehouse



Walk-in insulated panels are made of pre-fabricated modular construction designed for fast and easy field assembly, relocation, and future expansion with the additional panels. Outdoor walk-ins include a heavy-duty, one-piece membrane roof cap for protection against all weather conditions.

Panel Construction

Panels consist of interior and exterior metal skins precisely formed with steel dies and roll-forming equipment and thoroughly checked with gauges for accuracy. The metal skins are bonded permanently to the insulation. High-density panels have incredible flexural strength which eliminates the need for perimeter wood framing (old-style construction). To
ensure tight joints, all wall panels connect with positive camlocking mechanisms.


Only solid core approved foamed in place or extruded insulation is utilized. Minimum thickness shall be four inches which exceeds insulation values (R-values) in Federal Energy Standard H.R.6 effective January 1st, 2009, for walk-in coolers and freezers.
Optional: 4?, 5?, 6?, 8?, 12? thick wall thickness available for required applications. Only environmentally friendly expansion agents are to be used in the manufacture of insulated cores. No energy robbing structural wood rails used except where necessary for glass door and/or window attachment.

Metal Finish

  • Standard: Embossed or Ribbed 26-gauge galvanized metal
  • Optional: 24 & 22-gauge stainless steel
  • Optional: Other finishes and gauges available upon request

Insulated Floor

Floor panel construction is similar to that described above in the Panel Construction section, but with a heavier gauge metal skin. Walking surfaces in open-food approved boxes are stainless steel or aluminum. Galvanized metal is utilized in closed-food applications. Insulated floor panels are designed to withstand uniformly distributed stationary floor loads of up to 600 lbs./sq.-ft. Contact your gAcess salesman for heavier load requirements and when optional metal finishes are required.

Panel Fasteners

Panel fasteners are cam action male and female profile. Panels are fastened to adjacent panels by inserting a hex wrench in small-predrilled access ports on the male interior side. A clockwise turn of the wrench will activate a cam lever hook to catch a pin in the adjacent panel mechanism and draw the panels tightly together. Access ports are to be covered by press-fit plug buttons supplied with the panels.

Door Panel Assembly

Door panel assembly includes ISO/UL-listed accessories either installed or individually packaged within the shipment. Construction and metal finish match wall panels. Standard pre-hung entrance door includes the following features:
  • Two or three cam-lift self-closing hinges for smooth operation with built-in hold open feature
  • Cam-lift hinges allow for non-sweeping closure
  • Door latch
  • Inside safety release
  • Hydraulic door closure
  • Magnetic gasket
  • Thermometer.
  • The bottom edge of walk-in door has an adjustable and replaceable wiper gasket.
  • The door panel also includes an ISO/UL-listed vapor-proof interior lamp and junction box for 120V/60Hzservice (15 amp. maximum)
  • Pressure relief port(s) are standard.
  • A variety of door options are available for special circumstances.

Insulated Sliding Doors

A large variety of manual and electric insulated sliding doors are available for both medium and low-temperature applications. Consult UR 1-844-392-2377 for details.

Refrigeration Systems (OEM)

A complete selection of medium and low-temperature systems are available for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Our light-weight, easy to assemble, cold storage warehouse applications have internal and external supports to ensure maximum strength and stability
  • Call 1-844-392-2377 for an in-depth cold storage warehouse quote or fill out this short form 
  •  We also provide sliding doors and large walk through doors to accommodate personnel and equipment. UR specifically designs and engineers the refrigeration systems after analyzing over numerous design and application factors. This helps ensure that, whatever size cold storage unit, our customers can be assured of efficient and consistent refrigeration