UR Panel Benefits

Strong Panels

We maintain our record of manufacturing the strongest walk-in units by using the heaviest metal and 26-gauge galvanized steel sheets. Our panels are also manufactured with slightly ribbed finish to provide additional strength to the panels. The ribbing pattern is stronger and more streamline.

Large Dimensions

Like corner panels we make the specific ceiling and wall connection panels which helps the Ceiling panels to sit perfect on the Wall Panels and also ensures zero air leakage and ensures the quality of the cold store.

Better Insulation

With the highest R-Value, Polyurethane foam provides more thermal resistance than any other insulation material and is used in the most advanced technological applications.It is a far superior insulant than Polystyrene utilized by many other manufacturers.

Return on Investment

As the R-value of Polyurethane is one of the highest of any material,
UR customers recover their investment in the walk-in unit within a few years through energy savings.

High Quality,Low Price

UR customers are investing in a very high quality walk-in unit made of polyurethane and galvanized painted steel but are paying the
same price as they would for a walk-in made from lower quality polystyrene and galvalume. We beat any competition by price
but still retain supreme quality.

Speed Delivery

Walk-in coolers are normally shipped from UR’s warehouse within five days after the confirmation of an order. Special orders are also accepted and may take longer to ship.


Our walk-in units come with a 15-year warranty on panels against any manufacturing defects, and a standard one-year warranty
on all the refrigeration components. You can also purchase a five-year extended warranty on compressors (US only)